- How to Create a Calculation


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How to Create a Calculation:

1. Select - Data Mash

2. Click - Enter your formula here

3. Create - your formula or calculation using different things from your QuickBooks data library, industry comparisons, or simple equations.

Note: Simply start typing the name of a data point to pull up options from QuickBooks or User Created Options

4. Specify which piece of data you want by segmenting by Class, Customer/Job, or Vendor. You can also specify a date range.

5. Choose how you would like to view your answer: Number, Bar Graph, or Line Graph

6. Click - Save

7. Title - your calculation, add any notes, and add your format

8. Set - your goal of where you would like to be.

9. Click - save or save and post your calculation to the bridge

Important Tip:
When creating your calculation, do not use spaces. You can use your keyboard to type out the calculation OR click on data points from the data library and click the appropriate operation from the list under your formula bar.
PATH utilizes the PEMDAS method when conducting calculations. 

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