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How to Complete Your Company Profile

1. Click the ‘SETTINGS’ TAB in the left menu column.

2. Add Basic Company Details: Fill in basic business fields (name-phone-email-address-website).

3. Business Logo: Click on rectangular shaded area and upload the business logo from your files.

Recommended Company Logo Size:

600 x 150 pixels


These company detail fields are very important - Leave NONE undone! 

NAICS (industry classification): Click the NAICS drop-down and select your industry. (If you are unable to find your unique industry in the drop-down, click the ‘need help’ link beneath the NAICS drop-down to research further).

Fiscal Year: Click the Fiscal Year Start drop-down and select your business fiscal start month.

Company Size: Select the size of your company from the options in the drop down list. This information is used in the industry comparisons. You can also change it in the Industry Comparison Menu item.

Industry Type: Select an industry type in the drop down menu. Industry types are a broader category than your NAICS code. This selection is used to determine the appropriate multiplier in the Business Snapshot value calculation feature.

Click the blue SAVE button at lower right of company detail fields.


*The above 4 company detail fields are very important - Leave none undone!

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