Step 10 - Completing Your User Settings Profile

How to Complete Your User Profile

1. User settings can be located - in the upper right corner, the down arrow next to your name.

2. Add an avatar by clicking the dropdown in the right upper corner of your screen next to your account name, and then click on the shaded circle area and upload an image from your files.* 

3. You may also edit your user profile details, like user name and position, in similar manner. 

4. Your email address is attached to this account and cannot be edited.

5. You can manage the companies that you are currently associated with in this area.  The portfolio shows you the companies you have access to and gives you the number of notifications currently associated with that company.  If you want to add a new company to your account, click on the shaded "+" sign in the shaded box under Portfolio. 

TIP: For User Access
There are two (2) ways to gain access to a company account.
Both types of user status will show up in your user portfolio of companies.
  • You are the account administrator and created the company account.
  • You are an invited user to another administrators company account.
TIP: Avatar Profile Image Size
Recommended size for User Avatars is 160px by 160px in JPG or PNG format
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