Step 6 - Grant User Access to Features and Data

How to Gain Access to Features and Data

1. Click: ‘SETTINGS’ TAB in the left menu column

2. Under ‘Users and Data Slicing’ click ‘Show All Users’ (if the user does not appear on the list you may use the blue ADD button at the top right corner of the screen to initiate new user invite)

3. Click on user’s name and then carefully select FEATURES you wish to authorize for that user by checking the boxes to the right of features.

4. Below 'Features' find ‘Data Slicing’ and click ‘Data Scope’ drop-down (be mindful of different data slice categories and repeat the process below for each category)

5. Carefully select one data category at a time to grant multiple data access permissions (be mindful not to grant visibility to data you wish the user not to have access)

6. Carefully select individual Data Slice items that you wish user to access by checking the boxes to the right of each Data Slice item ( be mindful not to grant/access to sensitive Data Slice items)

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