Step 9 - Add / Delete a Company to Portfolio

Viewing & Adding Additional Portfolio Companies

  • Add additional companies to your account portfolio.
You can quickly add additional company subscriptions to your individual PATH account.  you begin with the company your account is attached to.  It is visible in the User Settings area of your account.  As additional companies are added the 'portfolio' of these companies will be visible and clickable as you go from one to another.
View Portfolio or Add to it

Portfolio View contains all of the companies that you, as a user, have access to.  The Portfolio view is found inside your User Settings.
  • Click your name/avatar drop-down i(upper-right area) then 'settings'.
  • Notice companies portfolio viewed within your User Settings page at bottom.
  • Notice notifications-display upper corner of each portfolio company. This is the number of notifications you have in that particular company account.
  • Notice 'ADD NEW COMPANY'.  This is where you can add additional company subscriptions to your Path Account.
  • You may also add new company via drop-down above left-side menu.
How to Add a New Company to Your Portfolio

  • Click 'ADD NEW COMPANY' - Then click  'Connect to QuickBooks'
  • The next step will connect your new portfolio addition to QuickBooks.
  • Before you click the green button, have your new portfolio company QuickBooks authorization credentials at the ready to enter. 
  • Then refer to -> CONNECT QUICKBOOKS
  • After connecting to QuickBooks, you will be prompted to select a subscription plan for the new account.
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