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Getting Started

Overview of Getting Started - (Start here)

Please complete the following of Getting Started. To start using Path, we recommend that you complete some items to get acquainted to the software.Click on this link to create your first Posting, Bookmarks, Mi

Step 1 - Creating an Account

How to Create an AccountThis is your first step to getting a 360-degree view of your business and a better understanding of your overall financial position that ensures sound financial decisions to allow for co

Step 2 - Selecting an Account

We have several plans that might fit your needs.1. Select Plan - Monthly or Annual (Annual Plans receive a 15% discount with is 2 months for free) 2. Choose Feature Plan - Starter, Pro, Expert or Trust Advisor

Step 3 - Connecting your Path Account to QuickBooks Online (QBO)

How to Connect your Path Account to QuickBooks Online (QBO)1. When you login to your Path account for the first time, you will be prompted to connect your QuickBooks Online account. You will need to enter your

Step 4 - Complete Your Company Settings Profile

How to Complete Your Company Profile Click the ‘SETTINGS’ TAB in the left menu column.2. Add Basic Company Details: Fill in basic business fields (name-phone-email-address-website).3. Business Logo: Click on

Step 5 - Adding Additional Users

How to Add Additional Users Click: ‘SETTINGS’ TAB in the left menu column.2. Click: ‘ADD USER’ blue button at far right below basic business info fields.3. Enter user details in Add New User popup fields.4. A

Step 6 - Grant User Access to Features and Data

How to Gain Access to Features and Data1. Click: ‘SETTINGS’ TAB in the left menu column2. Under ‘Users and Data Slicing’ click ‘Show All Users’ (if the user does not appear on the list you may use the blue ADD

Step 7 - Creating User Group Permissions

How to Create Group Permission1. Click: ‘SETTINGS’ TAB in the left menu column2. Beneath ADD USER button locate and click ADD GROUP blue button3. At top of screen locate Create User Group and add group Name and

Step 8 - Manage your Billing Subscription

How to Manage Your Subscription1. Click: ‘SETTINGS’ TAB in the left menu column.2. Scroll to bottom of page and find ‘PLAN’ and note your current plan.3. Click ‘CHANGE PLAN’ to upgrade your subscription.4. Clic

Step 9 - Add / Delete a Company to Portfolio

Viewing & Adding Additional Portfolio Companies Add additional companies to your account portfolio.You can quickly add additional company subscriptions to your individual PATH account.  you begin with the com

Step 10 - Completing Your User Settings Profile

How to Complete Your User Profile1. User settings can be located - in the upper right corner, the down arrow next to your name.2. Add an avatar by clicking the dropdown in the right upper corner of your screen