Step 05 - Adding Additional Users


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1). Click: ‘SETTINGS’ TAB in the left menu column.

2). Click: ‘ADD USER’ blue button on far right below basic business info fields.

3). Enter user details in Add New User popup fields.

4). Assign new user to group(s).

a. By creating groups, you can assign multiple users to different permission settings. 

b. You can also customize access to data by selecting the 'CUSTOMIZE' button after you send an invite. This directs you to the Data Slicing feature of Path, where you can select individual pieces of information to share with users.

Note: Group settings will override user settings. If a user is put into a group, that user will have all access and permissions as that group.

5). Click: 'INVITE'.


  • The invited user will receive an email with a link to access your company account by either:

--> Creating a new user account for themselves.

--> Logging in to an existing user account.

  • NOTE: be sure to notify the invited user of your invitation. The email may be found in their junk/spam folder. If the email cannot be located, or the invited user has not responded to the original invitation, you can resend invitation by clicking the 'RESEND' button on the user list.

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