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There are three different ways to create Milestones.

You can create one from:

· the timeline in the Bridge,

· from a post,

· and from the Milestones tab in the left-hand menu.

From the Milestones timeline in the Bridge, click the plus icon to the left.

From here the Milestones menu pops up, you can select either Milestone or Goal, make it Personal or Company, insert a date, designate it as positive, neutral, or negative, give it a title, a brief description, and choose the icon that best relates to your milestone.

Personal milestones can only be viewed by you and are signified by your avatar on the timeline. Company milestones are viewable by the entire company.

You can also add any relevant documents to your milestone or goal like receipts, photos, documents, or videos.

Milestones can be quickly identified by color. Green for positive, Blue for neutral, and Red for negative. Goals are outlined in orange. When you want to memorialize an event, the color designates what kind of impact it had on the company.

From a post

Go to the post you want to add to a milestone or goal. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the post.

Select 'Add to Milestones'

Select an existing milestone or goal to add it to


Create a new milestone from here - enter all information as described above

From Milestones Tab

Navigate to the Milestone stab from the left-hand menu

At the top of the vertical timeline, select the plus sign and complete the entry as described above. 

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