Step 03 - Connecting your Path Account to QuickBooks Online


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1). When you login to your Path account for the first time, you will be prompted to connect your QuickBooks Online account. You will need to enter your QuickBooks Online login credentials.

  • Intuit has its own authorization process, you will be redirected to your QuickBooks Online account to complete the connection.
  • You may also connect your QuickBooks to your Path account by going to menu in left column and click ‘Settings’
  • Under ‘Data Connections’ click the QuickBooks logo and then the green 'Connect to QuickBooks' button and authorize the connection with your QuickBooks security credentials.

Verifying Path Fields

2). Path will sync with your QuickBooks file. Be mindful to exclude data path fields you do not wish to be included in your financial calculations, (like restricted cash accounts and the like).

  • Review your Profit and Loss path fields first, and then your Balance Sheet path fields second BEFORE you click CONTINUE.

TIP: Make sure you review the QuickBooks fields.

  • PATH attempts to match the name you give an account in QuickBooks with a name we gave a field in our data library table, so you can easily create calculations with the right data and we can provide you with accurate financial analysis. If you believe that the algorithm in PATH misidentified your account, use the path field drop-down menu to change the PATH field to a more accurate label if need be.
  • To access this re-mapping at a later time, click on company settings and scroll down to the QuickBooks logo. Underneath, click "Edit QuickBooks Field Mapping". This will allow you to edit this mapping at any time.

TIP: Syncing of data can take some time.

  • After verifying fields, it typically takes up to several minutes for PATH to sync for Data Mash functions as it collects up to 5 years worth of data for you to use on the initial connection. Take a short tea break and your QuickBooks-enabled PATH will be ready before you finish.

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